Technology, Design, Integration

Batts Audio, Video & Lighting is a full-service integration and design firm in Denison, TX. Since 1997, Batts AVL has managed projects of all sizes from inception to completion. Our focus is designing and executing installations that result in cost-effective performance spaces. We have worked with school districts, houses of worship, and government entities throughout Texas and Southern Oklahoma.

The digital audio revolution is here

Digital technology is rapidly changing yesterday’s driverack. Amplifier stacks are quickly minimizing and signal path equipment is consolidating. This revolution means we’re creating some of the most cost-effective audio designs for spaces that previously might not have been able to afford such a level of control. And because all of these technologies are coalescing; integration, zone control, and audio routing are easier than ever before.

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The Big Picture

Video display manufacturers are performing a two-for-one. Not only are video resolutions going up, so are average lumen output levels. This means brighter, clearer television and video projectors. Houses of worship in particular benefit from this greatly. Juggling multiple camera shots with computer multimedia and confidence monitors can be harrowing for a volunteer. A properly designed video switching system is required to work well and work every time. We have over 10 years of experience integrating video projection systems into existing sanctuaries, as well as new construction.

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Efficiency is key

Lighting technology is progressing at a remarkable rate. LED has proven to be transformational for performance lighting. Many facilities are able to utilize LEDs to replace aging halogen and incandescent fixtures. Since LED fixtures can operate on a fraction of the power of conventional lamps, renovated spaces can often add many additional lighting positions, with real-time RBG color mixing, that previously weren’t possible. When integrated with newly capable architectural lighting controls, intricate scenes and scheduling options become available.

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Safety doesn’t happen by accident

How safe is your stage?

Even in the age-old art of stage rigging, innovation is occurring. We install, inspect and service manual and motorized linesets. We carry three different lines of stage rigging in order to always have the correct solution for any problem. We employ ETCP certified riggers to oversee every aspect of any rigging installation. Stage rigging is only one piece of the puzzle. We also sell, service, and install beautiful, durable theatrical drapes, as well as, curtain track. Having a properly rigged stage with well-designed draperies is integral to an efficient and safe production.

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AVL, from A-to-Z

Everything you need in one place

The theatrical consumables market is dynamic. New products are being developed constantly, from Broadway to Hollywood. Whether its ‘Fog-in-a-can’ or the latest airbrush makeup products, we’re always scouting for great items to make your next production a success. Being able to purchase all of your consumables from one business is a key part of our strategy for servicing our customers. Shop for gaff & spike tape, stage paint, theatrical makeup supplies and much more. All online, right here.

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Batts AVL is ready to serve your theatrical and commercial audio, video, lighting, and rigging needs. Whether you’re looking at a renovation or new construction, please give us the opportunity to earn your business. Even if you’re just inquiring for a second opinion, we’re available to help make your project a success.

Consultation within our service radius (about 300 mi.) is always free. Please provide us with project details, plans, and pictures, when available. Visit our Contact Page for information on how we can be reached by e-mail, fax, telephone, or letter. We truly value and appreciate your business.