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About Us

It is important to know about the people who are going to be working with you at your facility. We have taken a moment to introduce you to our team below.
Mark Batts

Mark is the founder and Chief Executive of Operations of Batts Audio, Video and Lighting, Incorporated. Since 1997, Mark has been a primary engineer for sound, lighting and theatrical installs, and he ensures the integrity, functionality, and safety of all the systems that Batts AVL stands behind. Mark holds a degree in engineering technology from Texas A&M University.   

Mark works with churches, schools, civic centers, and theater staff to design sound and lighting packages that are tailored to their specific application. He also specializes in restorations and complicated aesthetic applications. Making time-period drapes along with discreet sound and lighting hardware can make an auditorium built in 1936 look as grand as it did the day the doors opened, but function like the state-of-the-art facility it is restored to be.

Batts AVL has been awarded placement in the Aggie 100 in 2015, 2018, and now 2019.  The Aggie 100 recognizes the fastest growing Aggie owned or operated business in the world. In 2018, Batts AVL placed 8th with a 3-year growth rate of 88%.  We must give thanks where thanks is due.  You have placed your trust in us and we sincerely appreciate that faith.

Todd Graham

Todd is one of our Senior Project Manager and deals a lot with system design, integration, sales, and customer support. Todd is an invaluable part of the dedication to excellence that our customers have come to expect. With extensive experience performance and entertainment technology systems, Todd provides the utmost expertise in even the most complicated system integrations.

AJ Meadows

Inside sales and service needs are so very important to any business.  Count on AJ to listen to your needs and get things moving for you.  Simple product orders or complicated service needs, no need to worry.  Just give AJ a call and let Batts AVL help!

Scott Waggoner

On many of our projects, Scott finds himself both in the office and in the field. His ability to coordinate even the most intricate projects makes him a valuable asset to our team. Every project needs someone who can think on their feet and solve the unique complications that being on a remote job site incurs. Scott provides project planning through AutoCAD drawings as well as product ordering and on-site materials management.  With Scott, you can rest assured that you are in good hands and your project is being handled in an efficient and effective manner.

Nick Cavender

Nick can always be found working hard in the field as one of our job foremen. He will provide you the installation and service that has become recognized as the power behind Batts AVL. Nick often acts as head liaison with general contracting companies and excels at working closely with clients to ensure installations run smoothly and efficiently for all involved.

Additional installation technicians include: Brandon Vazquez and Logan Horsely

Austin Utley

Austin brings to Batts AVL a wealth of knowledge in rigging systems through many years of work in the industry.  You can find Austin working hard in the field leading rigging installation work for anything that needs to be hung no matter if its lighting, sound, or stage rigging systems.

Additional installation technicians include: Kendal Brinlee and Casey Simpson