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AB1 Air Brush System

Batts AVL

With the European Body art airbrush makeup system, you can  achieve expert makeup looks at record speeds. Batts AVL has put together the ultimate effects makeup kit, with carrying case, for creating exquisite and unique looks. The EBA rapid load cartridges make changing colors and cleanup effortless. Simply fill a cartridge with the desired color and drop it into the airbrush gun. When you're ready to change colors, pull out the old cartridge and drop in the new color. There are five colors (of your choosing) in the kit and a wide range of paint colors are available. EBA offers over two dozen vivid colors to make your actors stand out on stage.

 Airbrush Gun 1
Compressor w/ Hose 1
Refillable Paint Cartridges-Glass 5
4oz. Paint Colors of your Choice- Water Based 5
Diced Foam Carrying Case 1