Arena Theatre Fresnel - Batts Audio, Video and Lighting

Arena Theatre Fresnel

Strand Lighting

The Arena PC and Fresnel are available as 8 inch/200mm or high performance 10 inch/250mm lens luminaires for general long throw lighting applications. This family of fixtures offer far superior light output at a more moderate cost. Unmatched light output and beam control with excellent beam quality are typical features of this product family.

Product Features
  • Swing down door for easy lamp access. An integral micro-switch provides automatic disconnection of power to the fixture when open, preventing a student or technician from inserting a lamp into an electrically live fixture
  • Smooth focus movement from our "posi-slide" focus system, no metal-to-metal contact
  • The Arena PC supports beam angles from 4.5 to 60 degrees.
  • The Arena Theatre Fresnel supports beam angles from 7 to 60 degrees. The Arena High Performance Fresnel supports beam angles from 9 to 52 degrees
  • Thoughtfully designed luminaire airflow maintains lower body temperature