AT-MX381 SmartMixer Eight-channel Automatic Mixer - Batts Audio, Video and Lighting

AT-MX381 SmartMixer Eight-channel Automatic Mixer


Equipped with optional computer control, the AT-MX381 SmartMixer is the latest addition to Audio-Technica’s family of automatic mixers. This microprocessor-controlled automatic mixer is designed to provide automatic mixing functions for installed sound, house of worship, broadcast and conference applications. Engineered for intuitive, easy-to-use operation, the new SmartMixer automatically keeps the number of open microphones to a minimum, bringing background noise and feedback under control and providing increased clarity and audio quality.
  • Eight balanced inputs allow use with both mic- and line-level signals
    Each input provides:
    -Phantom power (48V), individually selectable
    -Individual gain and volume controls
    -Gate attenuation (adjustable)
    -Low-cut filter (individually selectable via SmartMixer Software)
  • An RS232 data port provides a connection point for a PC with included SmartMixer Software
  • Compatible with Crestron and AMX systems
  • External control capability enables the SmartMixer to activate other devices
    Force-On – allows an external contact closure to force its associated input to turn on
    Force-Off – allows an external contact closure to force its associated input to turn off
    Control Voltage Out – a voltage appears when the associated input’s gate opens or turns “on”
  • Selectable NOMA (Number of Open Mics Attenuated) circuitry helps control feedback
  • Priority pre-select feature allows priority of each microphone to be independently assigned
  • Last Mic On selectable for continuous room ambiance
  • Linking capability for 16 units (up to 128 channels)
  • A direct output connection is available for each input
  • Equipped with two audio outputs (one balanced, one unbalanced) to drive amplification systems or other equipment
  • Monitor headphone output with level control
  • Basic functions are configured via front panel; detailed settings through SmartMixer Software
  • Mounts in a single 19" rack space via integral rack mount