Character Makeup Wheels - Batts Audio, Video and Lighting

Character Makeup Wheels

Ben Nye

Create any character with just a spark of imagination and our indespensable Character Wheels.  Two to four shades each.

Clown Wheel WK-11: CL-29 Black, CL-13 Fire Red, CL-191 Cosmic Blue, CL-5 Yellow

Vampire Wheel WK-21: CL-1 White, CL-29 Black, CL-25 Steel Grey, CL-15 Maroon

Red White & Black Wheel WK-51: CL-1 White, CL-29 Black, CR-1 Red

Professional clowns tell us they look their best with Ben Nye Clown Makeup.  Products and colors are specifically designed to keep these busy performers at their brightest whenever they entertain.

.5oz./14gm.  Expect 24 - 100 designs per Wheel.