DSP-3 - Batts Audio, Video and Lighting


QSC Audio, Inc.

DSP-3 (Digital Signal Processing)
After three decades of developing pioneering audio products and systems, QSC raises the bar once again, setting a new standard in signal processing with the new DSP-3 Digital Signal Processing Module.

The DSP-3's two channels of independent signal processing deliver more power, flexibility, and features-in short, more of everything you really need in a DSP-for less. Simple to install and compact, the DSP-3 is the advanced and affordable digital signal processing solution for your audio system.

The DSP-3’s powerful processor allows you to perform a wide range of signal processing functions. Whether you need speaker crossovers, EQ, time delay, or subsonic filters, the DSP-3 is as flexible as your systems's needs.

Each channel includes:

  • Crossover filtering
  • Multiple parametric EQs
  • Shelf filtering
  • Tone and noise generation
  • Precision attenuation
  • Multiple delays (up to 910 ms)
  • Mixing
  • Compression and limiting

The DSP-3’s processing horsepower is dynamically assignable so you’re not locked into a fixed configuration. Simply plug your laptop into its RS-232 serial interface and use QSC's powerful configuration software. You can easily configure multiple processing functions and signal flow with "click-and-drop" simplicity. The DSP-3 also allows real-time control or set-and-forget convenience. You can even save each configuration on disk for future recall.

Getting attached to the DSP-3? Then you’ll be glad to know how easily it attaches to most two-channel DataPort-equipped QSC amplifiers, including the CX, DCA, and new PowerLight 2—without taking up extra rack space. Or use multiple DSP-3s with our rack-mount panel kit to create a stand-alone DSP solution that interfaces with any amplifier or system.

  • Two independent channels of DSP
  • 48kHz, 24-bit converters
  • No turn on pops or zipper noise
  • If the memory or hardware fails, unit turns on muted
  • Host interface via RS-232 or QSControl Audio Network System* via CM16a Amplifier Network Monitor
  • Electronically balanced inputs
  • Contact closure to trigger gain preset changes
  • Post-DSP output signal for daisy-chaining
  • Peak, RMS and Clip meter displays
  • Selectable input sensitivity: 1.5, 4, 9, 13 Vrms; 6, 14.5, 21.5, 24.5 dBu; 3.5, 12, 19, 22.2 dBV
  • DataPort "pass-through" compatible with QSControl
  • Selectable output sensitivity: 4 Vrms or 6 Vrms
  • "Drag-and-drop" configuration software
  • DSP processing power and memory dynamically assignable to signal processing functions
  • Graphical representation of DSP resources
  • Firmware upgrades downloadable via RS-232
  • Hard copy printout of configuration layout or parameter settings