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E.Y.E. Lashes


E.Y.E Lashes are a dramatic way to add glamour to your EXTREME BEAUTY look. Mehron‰۪s stylish, high quality, hand-made lashes help you push the fashion envelope and create intrigue that will get you noticed. Whether you wear them every day or only on special occasions, artificial eyelashes add style and sophistication to your look. Available in a variety of styles. Application: E.Y.E Lashes may be worn full width or trimmed for adding a subtle accent on the outer corners of the eye. When handled carefully, eyelashes may be reused up to 10 times. Apply using AdGem non-latex adhesive, which is sold separately. Apply glue onto the back of the eyelash and wait about 30 seconds so the glue becomes tacky. Place the lashes as close to your natural lash line as possible. Press from end to end and hold in place until the glue dries (30 seconds to a minute). Remove by applying a small amount of eye makeup remover onto the base of the eyelashes where the glue was applied. After the glue is softened, take the outer corner of the lash band and gently pull off the eyelashes.