E.Y.E. Powder and CHEEK Powder Combo Palette - Batts Audio, Video and Lighting

E.Y.E. Powder and CHEEK Powder Combo Palette


A convenient combination of our velvety-smooth E.Y.E Powder eye shadows and CHEEK Powders. These velvety smooth powders never cake or crease. Creamy powder blends easily and evenly to create dynamic eyes and vibrant cheeks for stage and screen. Convenient 8-color palette includes 4 E.Y.E. Powders and 4 CHEEK Powders.


E.Y.E Powders are velvety smooth pressed powder eye shadows which never cake or crease. They blend easily and evenly to create dramatic looking eyes for stage, screen and beauty. Matte colors are an excellent choice for HDTV since there is no mica or pearl to cause unwanted reflective sparkle or feedback. Available in a wide range of shades or an 8-color palette.åÊApplication: Apply E.Y.E Powder to a cosmetic brush and apply to eyelid. Remove with soap and water.

Specially treated talc combined with select pigments enhances our pressed powder dry rouge formula for unsurpassed longevity and vibrant color. CHEEK Powder has a matte finish and is non-reflective. Perfect for HDTV, stage and beauty applications. Available in a range of popular shades or an 8-color palette collection.åÊApplication: Apply with a makeup brush on top of cake or cream makeup. Remove with soap and water.