F/X Color Wheels - Batts Audio, Video and Lighting

F/X Color Wheels

Ben Nye

Bruises CK-1: FX-5 Dark Burgundy, FX-7 Midnite Violet, FX-11 Sallow Green, CL-18 Purple

Cuts & Bruises CK-3: FX-10 Sapphire Blue, CL-14 Blood Red, CL-5 Yellow, CL-2 Forest Green

Bruise & Abrasions CK-4: CL-6 Goldenrod, CL-15 Maroon, CL-17 Misty Violet, CL-131 Fresh Cut

Burns & Blisters CK-5: FX-1 Medium Plum, FX-4 Charcoal Blue, FX-3 Burnt Coral, CL-13 Fire Red

Age Stipple CK-7: FX-13 Capillary Stipple, FX-15 Liver Spot, FX-17 Freckle Stipple, FX-19 Age Spot

Severe Exposure CK-9: FX-13 Capillary Stipple, CL-10 Dark Sunburn, CL-13 Fire Red, CR-2 Dusty Rose

Old Character CK-11: CH-0 Ultralite, CL-17 Misty Violet, FX-13 Capillary Stipple, CS-3 Character Shadow

Old Character II CK-13: SC-3 Light Brown, CS-6 Midnite Brown, CL-15 Maroon, CL-17 Misty Violet

Camouflage CK-15: CL-31 Army Green, CL-61 Desert Tan, CL-11 Cinnamon, CL-28 Coal

Compact Wheels have always been a creative resource for artists who design burns, bruises, aging or other special effects.

Ben Nye, Sr. had an exceptional eye for detail to make his designs come to life.  He created colors and products that have become industry standards for artists throughout the world.

Expect 50 - 300 designs per .5oz./14gm. Wheel.