FC-1 Focusing Cyc - Batts Audio, Video and Lighting

FC-1 Focusing Cyc

Altman Lighting


The award-winning Focusing Cyc is a lightweight, compact luminaire designed to provide an even wash of light on cycloramas and backdrops. This lighting instrument can also be used as a multi- purpose flood/fill light for stage and studio lighting applications. The Focusing Cyc has been de- signed and engineered with a number of innovative details and features that enhance its versatility, efficiency, and performance. Each compartment has a state-of-the-art, highly polished and peened reflector that pivots about the lamp for precision focusing. A heat-resistant knob with indexed po- sition markings is located on the rear of the housing for adjusting and locking the reflector into position. And adjustable lampholders allow the luminaire to accept T-3 to T-8 lamps of three different lengths: 411⁄16′′ (119 mm), 55⁄8′′ (143 mm), and 69⁄16′′ (167 mm).

The housing features a pair of rugged tool-free spring latches which allow multi- ple units to be safely locked together in a number of ways: straight row, curved horizontally, curved vertically, or any combination of the three. The convenient, fold-down carry handle also doubles as a loop for a safety cable, and the heat- resistant non-skid feet are height-adjustable, eliminating the need for floor trun- nions for most ground-row applications. A wide selection of yokes and other hanging hardware is also available to accommodate virtually all overhead mounting configurations.

The super-thin safety screen is specially designed to allow maximum light output, and is readily removable for easy access to the lamp for quick, effortless installation and replacement. The optional filter frame is hinged and removable without the use of tools. An optional accessory for the Focusing Cyc is a unique clip that safely secures stripped-glass color frames. With a wide range of non-proprietary lamps of varying wattage, length, and width to choose from, the extremely versatile Focusing Cyc can eas- ily replace a multitude of standard luminaires.




  • Rugged die-cast and sheet-aluminum construction
  • Broad, even light distribution
  • Pivoting reflector allowing a multitude of focus angles
  • Lockable, indexed reflector adjustment knob
  • Highly polished and peened reflector with exclusive heat sink to improve longevity
  • Asymmetrical distribution for even cyclorama washes
  • Adjustable lampholders accepting T-3 to T-8 lamps of 411⁄16′′, 55⁄8′′, and 69⁄16′′
  • Strong spring latches allowing tool-free interconnection for multiple units in a variety of configurations
  • Multiple mounting and hanging configurations
  • Three non-skid feet, height-adjustable to allow for use on non- level surfaces
  • Strong, extra fine safety screen provided
  • Rear- mounted fold-down carry handle doubling as an attachment loop for safety cabling
  • Color frame and safety cable included
  • Three 36′′ Hi-Temp lead wires
  • Up to 25′ of Hi-Temp rubber cable optional
  • Accepting stripped glass color frames with optional holder
  • U.L.-, c.U.L.- and CE-listed for 1500 watts
  • Made in the U.S.A.