Flex Pixel WP - Batts Audio, Video and Lighting

Flex Pixel WP

Elation Lighting

• The Flex Pixel WP (FLE742) is a 10’ (3M) flexible LED Pixel Tape with waterproof cover. It features 72 RGB SMD tri color LED Pixels (216 CH.) per tape spaced on 40mm (1.6") centers. You can mount the tape to any surface using our Flex IP Clip kit (optional) and the tape can be cut and extended every 4".
 Flex Pixel Drivers:
 • Flex Pixel Driver (FLE768) is a dedicated DMX driver for up to 144 Pixels / 2 Tapes / up to 432 dmx channels of control. It's small, compact design allows for easy mounting and integration into your installation. 
 • The Flex Pixel IR (FLE755) Infrared Wireless Receiver & Remote driver allows for stand alone control of the Flex Pixel WP Tape
 Flex Pixel PSU:
 Both of the above drivers to be used with the the FLEX PIXEL 5VPSU (FLE781) 5volt, 5amp (120-240v) power supply required for each section of Flex Pixel WP Tape.