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Glitter Glue

Ben Nye

Glitter Glue - AGB: Keep Glitter, such as Sparklers or sequins, firmly in place.  Alcohol base and water-washable.

Glow with glitter on the face, hair, nearly everywhere.  Press Sparklers into unpowdered creme makeup, or sprinkle into Glitter Glue or lightly sprayed LiquiSet Sealer.  Small MD container includes a convenient plug fitment.  Apply with Tapered Point Brushes FDB-2 or FDB-3 for precise detail.
Let your imagination run wild!  Paint with this gorgeous array of MagiColor Liquid Paints and sparkling Glitters.  Acclaimed by face painters and makeup artists for beauty, brilliance and durability.

AGB  1fl.oz./29ml.  Expect 20 - 75 applications per ounce.