Grand Drape 25 oz. Memorable Blue Purple - Batts Audio, Video and Lighting

Grand Drape 25 oz. Memorable Blue Purple

Batts AVL

We have a beautiful Royal Blue/Regal Purple grand drape and valance that was ordered for an installation and ended up being put right back in the bag!  The customer didn't like the color and went with black.  This was a custom color dye and is right between Regal Purple and Royal Blue.   

There are two grand drape panels that have a half panel fold over at the center part.  They measure 15' high by 23' wide and are sewn with 100% fullness.  Webbing, hooks, and grommets on 1' centers.  Complete with chain bottom.

The valance is 4' high and 43' long also with 100% fullness.  The webbing and grommets are finished with ties on 1' centers.  A chain bottom is also included.

This drape new was $4,000 after shipping.  It is still new.  Hung for 3 weeks in an empty, unoccupied auditorium.  Our loss is your gain!

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