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ILA Series Line Array Speakers

QSC Audio, Inc.

Line array systems have become the primary loudspeaker configuration for tour sound and many large installations. With the advent of the ILA Installation Line Array System, QSC offers a professional system at breakthrough pricing making line array performance accessible to a far broader range of house of worship and performance venues. 

Accessible, affordable, accurate.

ILA is a line array system designed specifically for installation. ILA System v2 is a complete system consisting of line array, subwoofer, processing, amplification and suspension accessories. The result is an accessible system with very high performance, moderate cost and ease of deployment.


An ILA system doesn't require set up by an expert user with sophisticated acoustical measurement equipment. The SC28 system controller offers simple preset recall processing. While it's simple to use, the SC28 offers audio quality so good that it's being used on major concert tours. To achieve this combination of simplicity and performance, QSC developed the proprietary Intrinsic Correction™ process. 


Most line array systems currently available are designed for touring applications. Touring requires extreme ruggedization and expensive suspension hardware. As a result, overall system cost is driven beyond the means of many facilities that could benefit from line array performance. By focusing on installation applications, using a molded enclosure and simplifying the rigging design, QSC drove cost out of the ILA system while retaining the sound quality, coverage and power of high end touring line array systems.


Each Installation Line Array element uses a pair of high-power, neodymium magnet, 8" diameter low-frequency drivers. Both woofers produce low frequencies but only one covers the mid-range resulting in more uniform directivity in the crossover region. For high frequencies, a pair of 1.75" (voice coil diameter) neodymium compression drivers with titanium domes are mounted on a multiple aperture diffraction waveguide* that provides extremely wide coverage (140º). As a result, a WL2082-i system will rarely require additional side or center fill speakers and solid stereo imaging is preserved across the listening area.

What's new for version 2?

An upgraded subwoofer, the WL118-sw is a single 18" version of the popular GP218-sw touring subwoofer that offers offers an impressive combination of punch and low-frequency extension. The addition of the SC28 System Controller with its simple-to-use presets, has greatly improved the ease of deployment of the system and the sound quality markedly enhanced. 


WL2082-i line array

  • Installation-optimized design brings affordable and uncompromised line array performance to a broader range of venues

  • Compact and attractive appearance, available in black and white, harmonizes with any installation environment

  • Wide 140° horizontal coverage

  • Economical and easy-to-install suspension system with ample array adjustability

WL118-sw subwoofer

  • Single 18" subwoofer in a bass-reflex enclosure

  • 850 watt continuous power capacity

  • Frequency range down to 29 Hz

  • May be suspended at the top, or behind the WL2082-i array

  • Available in black or white to harmonize with venue décor

SC28 System Controller

  • Intrinsic Correction for superior line array sound quality

  • Simplified setup - input a few basic parameters and the SC28 does the rest

  • Advanced subwoofer management

  • Uncompromised audio performance - used on major national tours

  • More information about the SC28

CMX Series Power Amplifiers

  • Proven, reliable amp with superb sound quality

  • Presets are pre-programmed into the SC28 processor

  • High power - only 3x CMX2000V amplifiers plus one CMX800V needed to power a pair of 6+2 arrays

  • More information about the CMX Series

The system may be used in bi-amplified or tri-amplified mode. In general, the tri-amplified mode will produce the best performance and, for arrays larger than four boxes, will not increase the total cost of system amplification.

Available in black or white, the WL2082-i enclosure is made of high impact polystyrene with extensive internal ribs to eliminate acoustic losses due to sidewall flex. The Installation Line Array may be used in outdoor applications where the system is not directly exposed to the elements. The enclosure material is formulated with UV inhibitors, the grille is made of aluminum and the woofer cones are weather resistant.

Rigging for the ILA is simple, flexible and safe providing a 10:1 design factor with twelve WL2082-i systems in the array (see the owner’s manual for details before planning any array suspension). The array is assembled with the included bolts and the relative angle between adjacent boxes is adjustable in 1º increments for precise tailoring of vertical coverage. For those who prefer quick release pins to the included bolts, an optional kit of four quick release pins (QRP-KIT-1) is available.

ILA subs may be suspended at the top of an ILA array using the standard FP2082-i array frame. When trim height is limited, the ILA sub may be suspended behind the array using the available EB2082-i extension bar. For installations in which the subwoofers are ground stacked, the GP118-sw offers identical performance but omits the ILA-compatible suspension hardware.

Array Configurations
The following table provides information regarding the maximum number of WL2082-i line array elements and WL115-sw subwoofers that may be suspended using various configurations of the available suspension accessories. The calculations for this table are based on a 10:1 design factor. See owner's manual for detail before designing or suspending array. While a single WL2082-i may be used for some specialized applications such as stage lip front fill, or under balcony fill three or more ILA elements are required before the system begins to perform as a true line array.

Configuration 2 1/2 way, Bi-amp or Tri-amp Vented box
  High Frequency 

  Low Frequency

Dual 50 W, 8 ohm 1" exit, 1.75" titanium diaphragm, neodymium magnet assembly
Dual 200 W, 16 ohm 8" woofers, 2" voice coils, neodymium magnet assemblies, weather resistant cone 


850 W, 8Ω 18" woofer with a 4" voice coil, ceramic magnet assembly
Frequency Response (±3 dB)
80 Hz - 20 kHz 32 Hz - 200 Hz
Frequency Range (-10 dB) 68 Hz - 22 kHz 29 Hz - 800 Hz
Nominal Impedance HF: 16 ohms 
LF bi-amp mode: 8 ohms
LF tri-amp mode: 16 ohms (x2)

LF: 8 ohms
Sensitivity (1 W @ 1 m) HF: 106 dB
LF: 97 dB
98 dB
Continuous Power Capacity 1 

HF: 100 W
LF bi-amp mode: 400 W
LF tri-amp mode: 200 W (x2)

LF: 850 W
Recommended Power HF: 200 W
LF bi-amp mode: 800 W
LF tri-amp mode: 400 W (x2)

LF: 1750 W
Maximum Output (dB SPL at 1 m) 
  Continuous / Peak

HF: 126 dB / 132 dB 
LF: 122 dB / 128 dB 

LF: 128.5 dB / 134.5 dB
Nominal Coverage Horizontal 140 degrees 
Vertical: dependent on number of elements used
Cabinet Type Ported, elliptical / trapezoidal Vented subwoofer
Enclosure Material HIPS (high impact polystyrene) with UV protectant 18 mm Baltic Birch Plywood
Finish Available in black (WL2082-i BLK) or white (WL2082-i WHT) paintable Available in black (WL118-sw BLK) or white (WL118-sw WHT) paintable
Grille Perforated, formed aluminum 16 gauge powder-coated steel with cloth backing
Connectors 2 x NL-8 in parallel 2 x NL8 in parallel / 2 x NL4 in parallel
Pin Outs
Pins Bi-amp Tri-amp
1+/1- NC NC
2+/2- NC LF2
3+/3- LF LF1
4+/4- HF HF
1+/1- Sub
2+/2- Pass thru
3+/3- Pass thru
4+/4- Pass thru

1+/1- Sub
2+/2- Pass thru
Attachment Points Integral, side plate adjustable rigging system, vertical splay adjustable in 1° increments from 0° - 10° Integral, non-adjustable (straight array only)
Dimensions 11.8" H x 27" W x 13.4" D
(300 mm x 686 mm x 340 mm)
22.1" H x 27.6" W x 30.3" D 
(562 mm x 702 mm x 771 mm)
Weight 37 lbs (16.8 kg) net
45 lbs (20.45 kg) shipping
111 lb (50.4 kg) net
121 lb (55 kg) shipping
Accessories Available FB2082-i: Fly-bar for WL2082-i, WL118-sw and WL115-sw. Available in black or white.

EB2082-i: Extension bar, allows WL118-sw or WL115-sw to be suspended behind WL2082-i. Available in black or white.

PB2082-i: Pullback bar for WL2082-i. For use when pulling back the bottom of the array is necessary to achieve the desired angle. Available in black or white.

AB2082-i: Angle bracket, allows greater vertical splay between WL2082-i and WL118-sw or WL115-sw enclosures in ground stacked configurations. Available in black. Requires two brackets per array, sold individually.

GS115-sw: Ground stack kit for WL118-sw or WL115-sw.
QRP-KIT-1: Kit of four (4) Quick Release Pins for use in lieu of included bolts.