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Lip Colour Palettes

Ben Nye

Be sure to check out's review of the LSP-1 and LSP-2. Christina does a great job showing off each color from these palettes!

LSP-1: Natural Palette Shades: RLS-47 First Blush, RLS-48 Watermelon, RLS-26 Primrose, RLS-19 Mocha Rose, RLS-12 Natural Brown, RLS-49 Cherry Cola

LSP-2: Fashion Palette Shades: RLS-46 Shy Apricot, RLS-52 Pink Tart, RLS-51 Cherryberry, RLS-50 Poppy, RLS-33 Marilyn Red, RLS-53 Sangria

LSP-3: California Sunset Lip Palette Shades: RLP-213 Mandarin, RLP-310 Sassy Pink, RLP-323 Berry Kiss, RLP-415 Mulberry, RLP-714 Royal Grape, RLP-818 Plum Tarte

LSP-0: Empty Palette with Six Tabs and Brush (Refills sold separately.)

Endless options for lips!  Three standard Palettes include six tabs of creamy, long-wearing color.  Apply individually or blend into custom-perfect shades.  Each Palette is filled with six creamy shades and includes brush.  Empty Palette with six tabs and brush is ready to fill with your own shades or Refills.  All Lip Colour Palette shades available as Refills.

Contour, line and emphasize lips with our beautiful collection of Palettes, Lipsticks, Pencils and Glosses.  Lip color "finishes" makeup and instantly adds style, on or off the stage.

.36oz./10.2gm.  Net Wt.  Expect 200 - 300 applications per palette.