MagiCake Aqua Paint Palettes - Batts Audio, Video and Lighting

MagiCake Aqua Paint Palettes

Ben Nye

CFK-6 (Six Colors): .9oz./24gm.  Net Wt.

Shades: RM-1 Cloud White, RM-5 Bright Red, RM-7 Azure Blue, RM-9 Sunshine Yellow, RM-112 Kelly Green, RM-3 Licorice Black

CFK-12 (Twelve Colors): 1.7oz./48gm.  Net Wt.

Shades: Six shades listed above, plus RM-62 Cosmic Blue, RM-108 Lime Green, RM-129 Royal Purple, RM-16 Hot Pink, RM-17 Bright Orange, RM-195 Honey Brown

Artists, designers and face painters delight in Ben Nye's sensational colors.  Simply mix water into Cakes with a brush or sponge to create rich, creamy colors.  The choices are unlimited.

Palettes in six and twelve colors provide the essentials to design virtually any makeup.  Professional metal box is ideal for face painters and artists on-the-go.  All shades are available as Refills.

Expect 150 - 600 applications per kit.