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Precious Gem Powder


Precious Gem Powders are high luster, pigment-infused loose powders that will add drama and intensity to your EXTREME BEAUTY look. These rich, silky sparkling powders can be applied from head-to-toe for any occasion. They can be used for everyday makeup, proms, runway, print, theater, dance recitals, face painting and much, much more. Precious Gem Powders are packaged in an easy-to-use shaker top container, which controls just the right amount of powder. Available in 12 birthstone colors, Black Onyx and six new ‰ÛÏearthy‰۝ shades; Citrinea, Champagne, Rosinca, Tigers Eye, Jade, and Bronzite. Application: Use dry or combine with Mixing Liquid to form a water resistant vibrant finish that dries completely. Remove with soap and water.