Professional Wheels - Batts Audio, Video and Lighting

Professional Wheels

Ben Nye

Red White & Black Wheel: Clown, mime and versatile design shades.
  CL-1 White, CR-1 Red, CL-29 Black
Expect 25 - 150 designs.

Rainbow Wheel: Six principle colors for great variety.
  CL-29 Black, CL-13 Fire Red, CL-3 Green, CL-5 Yellow, CL-7 Orange, CL-19 Blue
Expect 50 - 240 designs.

Death Wheel: Six popular shades execute the extreme effects of death.
DW  P-21 Frankenstein, P-22 Death Blue Grey, P-19 Death Flesh, P-17 Death Purple, P-20 Pale Vampire, P-18 Death Straw
Expect 50 - 240 designs.

Monster Wheel: For shadowy ghosts, ghouls, witches and vampires.
MW  CL-1 White, CL-15 Maroon, CL-17 Misty Violet, P-14 Sallow Green, P-15 Cadaver Grey, P-16 Blue Spirit
Expect 30 - 120 designs.

Master Disaster Wheel: MDW  FX-35 Dark Crimson, FX-34 Fresh Cut, FX-72 Black & Blue, FX-33 Blood Red, CL-19 Blue, FX-0 White
Expect 100 - 600 designs.

Camouflage Wheel: Industrial shades, ready to blend into any terrain.
KW  CL-11 Cinnamon, CL-31 Army Green, CL-61 Desert Tan, CL-28 Coal
Expect 30 - 120 designs.

Zombie Wheel: ZW  FX-32 Dried Blood, FX-7 Midnite Violet, FX-121 Goldenrod, FX-2 Bruise, FX-11 Sallow Green, CL-25 Steel Grey
Expect 100 - 600 designs.

Bruises Wheel: EW-1  FX-5 Dark Burgundy, FX-7 Midnite Violet, FX-11 Sallow Green, CL-18 Purple
Expect 150 - 800 designs.

Cuts & Bruises Wheel: EW-3  FX-10 Sapphire Blue, CL-14 Blood Red, CL-5 Yellow, CL-2 Forest Green
Expect 150 - 800 designs.

Master Bruise Wheel: Design a multitude of realistic injuries with these six exceptional creme colors.
EW-4  FX-11 Sallow Green, CL-14 Blood Red, FX-5 Dark Burgundy, CL-18 Purple, FX-7 Midnite Violet, CL-5 Yellow
Expect 100 - 500 designs.

Bruise & Abrasions Wheel: EW-41  CL-6 Goldenrod, CL-15 Maroon, CL-17 Misty Violet, CL-131 Fresh Cut
Expect 100 - 500 designs.

Burns & Blister Wheel: EW-5  FX-1 Medium Plum, FX-4 Charcoal Blue, FX-3 Burnt Coral, CL-13 Fire Red
Expect 100 - 500 designs.

Trauma Simulation Wheel: Simulate fresh scrapes, wounds, and injuries with three useful shades.
EW-7  CL-13 Fire Red, FX-5 Dark Burgundy, CL-19 Blue
Expect 30 - 150 designs.

Bald Cap Stipple Wheel: Simulate skin texture on latex appliances.  Produce capillaries, freckles, follicle shadows and subtle pore highlights.
EW-9  CL-21 Peacock Blue, CL-25 Steel Grey, FX-13 Capillary Stipple, MY-2 Normal
Expect 60 - 200 designs.

Wheels offer exceptional character realism.  Intense pigmentation in a smooth creme formula provide consistent application, blending, versatility and durability.

Ben Nye, Sr. had an exceptional eye for detail to make his designs come to life.  He created colors and products that have become industry standards for artists throughout the world.