SL BAR by Showline - Batts Audio, Video and Lighting

SL BAR by Showline

Strand Lighting

SL BAR 640 and 660

Powerful 6-foot and 4-foot RGBW linear wash luminaires that delivers exceptional light output
and endless creative possibilities. Whether used as a wash or as a direct-view linear bar, their
homogenized output will add to any production. With independent module control of the
pixels and simple batten connections, the SL BAR 660 and SL BAR 640 provide maximum
flexibility and originality.

SL BAR 620

A powerful 2-foot RGBW linear wash luminaire whic ofers unprecedented output and
exceptional color clarity ideal for any entertainment application. The SL BAR 620 may
be used for either illumination or direct view purposes to make a bold statement in any
production. Whether used in place of R40 strips, border-lights, foot-lights, cyc-lights or for
exciting animations, the luminaire provides incredible coverage and color washing abilities.

SL BAR 520

Also a powerful 2-foot RGBW linear wash luminaire that produces over 8000 lumens of output
with six standard 8° lenses and high resolution pixel mapping control. A unique locking system
allows for quick connecting of multiple stacked or side-by-side units while retaining perfect
pixel pitch. Custom configurations can quickly be created with ease to provide a multitude
of creative uses. The SL BAR 520 also physically connects with the SL NITRO 510 providing
unlimited design possibilities.