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Special Color Wheels

Ben Nye

Cover-All Wheel SK-1: Four classic neutralizing shades are included in this best selling Wheel.  Mutes redness, veins, tattos, beard shadows and skin discolorations.  SK-1
Shades: MY-2 Mellow Yellow Normal, MO-2 Mellow Orange Medium, CC-3 Coverette Cover-up Medium, FS-3 Olive-Beard Cover

Tattoo Cover-All Wheel SK-11: Conceal tattoo markings and other color imperfections with these four intense creme shades.  SK-11
Shades: MY-3 Mellow Yellow Classic, NB-4 Blue Neutralizer No. 4, CC-1 Coverette Cover-up Ultra Fair, NT-2 Tattoo Cover No. 2

Highlight Wheel SK-2: Four versatile shades for corrective, beauty, old age and character highlights.  SK-2
Shades: CH-0 Creme Highlight Ultralite, CH-01 Creme Highlight Natural Lite, CH-2 Creme Highlight Lite, CH-5 Creme Highlight Deep 

Shadow Wheel SK-3: Four indispensable contours for beauty, corrective, old age and character designs.  SK-3
Shades: CS-2 Medium Brown, CS-3 Character Shadow, CS-4 Dark Brown, CL-11 Cinnamon

Artists rely on Ben Nye's distinctive range of Neutralizers to conceal facial imperfections.  Our comprehensive palette expertly blends away temporary and permanent imperfections, including tattoos, birthmarks and blemishes.  All are creamy and highly pigmented for seamless coverage.

.5oz./14gm. Expect 40 - 150 applications.