Total Cover-All Wheels - Batts Audio, Video and Lighting

Total Cover-All Wheels

Ben Nye

SK-100: The Total Cover-All Wheel I (left) is the most commonly used cover-all wheel.

SK-100 Shades:
MY-1 Fair, MY-2 Medium, MO-1 Fair, MO-11 Lite, MO-2 Medium, CC-1 Ultra Fair

SK-200: The Total Cover-All Wheel II (right) includes useful shades for fairest complexions.

SK-200 Shades: GC-1 Green Concealer No. 1, CC-1 Ultra Fair, HY-1 Yellow Highlight No. 1, MO-1 Fair, CC-2 Fair, CH-0 Ultralite

Our most popular neutralizing shades are included in these two six-color wheels. Apply to cover redness, tattoos, blemishes and other discolorations.

Artists rely on Ben Nye's distinctive range of Neutralizers to conceal facial imperfections.  Our comprehensive palette expertly blends away temporary and permanent imperfections, including tattoos, birthmarks and blemishes.  All are creamy and highly pigmented for seamless coverage.

1oz./28gm. Expect 50 - 250 applications.