Zip Strip Borderlight - Batts Audio, Video and Lighting

Zip Strip Borderlight

Altman Lighting

The Zip Strip is a UL listed multi-lamp striplight using a wide range of 12 volt MR-16 tungsten halogen lamps. This luminaire is manufactured of die-cast, extruded and sheet aluminum in four standard lengths. These lengths are related to the number of color washes desired. Narrow spot, medium and wide flood lamps are efficiently incorporated into the Zip Strip without trapping appreciable light from these lamps. Since 10 lamps operate in series for each color circuit, lamp failure is noted by neon indicator lamps. Spring loaded lamp holders with push-on sockets provide secure positioning of the lamps to hold them in place while touring. This narrow luminaire allows it to be used on closely spaced battens or in tight spaces where a general wash of light from the top, side or bottom is desired.

Includes: 1 Circuit, 10 Lamp Capacity Zip Strip with Safety Screen, Color Frame, Black Safety Cable with Spring Clip, Black Floor Trunnion, pair

Available Lamps
90-EYC: 75W, MR-16, 12V, 3050K, 42º, 4000hr.
90-EYF: 75W, MR-16, 12V, 3050K, 14º, 4000hr.
90-EZZ: 70W, MR-16, 12V, 3000K, 24º, 3500hr.

ZS-CF: Color Frame 4-3/4"x4-3/8" (included), one frame per 2 lamps
SC-36-BK: Black Safety Cable with Spring Clip (included)
508: Black Hanging Arm and Clamp, pair
510: Malleable Iron Pipe Clamp
ZS-FT: Black Floor Trunnion, pair (included)
ZS-CFT: Black Castered Floor Trunnion, pair